General English (Online)

General English (Online)

Our General English courses aim to develop your ability to communicate in a variety of different contexts and across a range of topics from work and education to shopping and travel. We focus on developing your language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) as well as your knowledge and proficiency in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. We use a variety of approaches and teaching techniques to meet your language learning needs.

Our teachers aim to deliver informative, engaging and practical lessons that will help you reach your language learning goals.

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More Details

Hours Per Day 1
Hours Per Week 2
Course Length Flexible (minumum 1 week)
Course Type Part-time / Continuous Enrolment
Days of the Week Monday to Friday (subject to change)
Start Date The start of any week *see holiday note below
Maximum Class Size 12 Students
Average Class Size 6-8 Students
Class Timings

Beginner 12:00-13:00 UK Time (Mondays/Wednesdays)

Elementary 11:00-12:00 UK Time (Tuesdays/Thursdays)

Pre-intermediate 11:00-12:00 UK Time (Mondays/Wednesdays)

Intermediate 12:00-13:00 UK Time (Tuesdays/Thursdays)

Upper Intermediate 12:00-13:00 UK Time (Mondays/Wednesdays)

Beginner 12:00-13:00 UK Time (Mondays/Wednesdays)

Levels Available

Beginner (A1)

Elementary (A2)

Pre-intermediate (B1)

Intermediate (B1+)

Upper Intermediate (B2)

Advanced (C1)

Minimum Enrolment Age 18+
Nationality Mix Multinational

Price Information - 2024/25

1-4 Weeks £20 per week
5+ Weeks £17 per week
Placement Fee £10
General English Goals and Aims
This course will help you improve your:
- Speaking and Listening Skills
- Reading and Writing Skills
- Your knowledge of vocabulary
- Your knowledge of grammar
- Your pronunciation
- Your confidence to use English

More Information

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HIL Liverpool General Terms and Conditions

Enrolments should be made at least 30 days in advance of the course start date and payment must be cleared according to the payable date on the invoice.