It wasn't just a school to me, it was a place where I felt love and support. I met some people who are family to me now and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you HIL!

- Dalia

HIL is an amazing school full of excellent teachers who help you whenever you need it. I had the opportunity to experience face-to-face and online classes. Both of them helped me to improve my English and gain new skills. In my case, I was studying to get the Advanced Certificate of English from Cambridge for almost 6 months and I'm glad to say that my level improved a lot over this time. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to improve and learn another language. I also want to thank everyone at HIL for the amazing time spent there and for the online classes too.

- Nerea

All the teachers are well-organised and caring. They have really helped me prepare for life in the UK. Thanks everyone!

- Ali

My experience at HIL was incredible. I studied for about ten months and my English improved a lot! All the staff are very kind and the teachers are excellent professionals. The school has a multicultural environment and it is great to get to know different cultures and practice your English in different activities in the classes and in the extra activities that the school offers.

- Priscilla

I have studied in other schools both in England and my country, however, HIL Liverpool is different. The method they use to teach us is fantastic. You don't just memorise, you really learn. The classes are dynamic and the staff are super caring and are always available to help you. You feel at home. I have no words to thank HIL for all they have been doing to help and teach me.

- Ingrid

HIL is a welcoming school that cares for its students not only in learning a new language, but also to help integrate them into society. You can have their support even out of classes if you need help. The environment at school is very friendly and fun.

- Flàvia